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West Ottawa Educational Foundation Grant Application


To provide additional resources for a wide range of programs that enrich the educational experience of students in the district.


Evaluation Criteria Checklist: To be considered, your grant must meet the following criteria:

My proposal demonstrates an innovative use of materials/techniques which enrich the educational experience of students in the West Ottawa School District. Consideration will be given to programs that are designed to close achievement gaps.

My proposed program/project maximizes student involvement. 

My proposal is sustainable or future funding is clearly identified (Licenses etc) 

My proposal is supported by the building Principal and comments are attached or included.

If technology is being purchased, a specification sheet is attached that has been previewed by district technology team

My proposal is clearly written and includes :

  1. Objectives of the grant request
  2. An implementation plan
  3. Timeline of the plan
  4. Materials needed and cost in detail and proposed source
  5. Projected cost for implementation and sustaining of entire project
  6. Process for evaluation of goals being met.


Proposals Typically Not Funded


Field trips

Personnel Training

Staff expenses

Flexible/Adaptive Seating or Furniture 

Projects/programs that do not have a sustainable funding plan

Requests that have other sources for funding by other West Ottawa organizations or corporate sponsorship.


Award Notification


Applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision, by e-mail,  typically within 7 days of the Grant Review meeting.

See our website for the deadline dates and meeting schedule.



If you have any questions, please contact a WOEF Board member or email us at

Thank you for your interest in the West Ottawa Educational Foundation. We are including a sample completed grant request form for your review so that you can see the type of information that is helpful to the board, increasing the likelihood of grant approval.  We encourage you to write a grant and submit it for consideration.

Prior to completing this application, you must review your ideas with your building Principal. 

We have a twice a year grant review schedule, typically October and February are the deadlines for submission.


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Jeff Sotok (President) 

Amy Grout (Vice President)  (HS)

Lisa Kopek (Secretary) (WZ)

Laura Cramer (Treasurer) (WO alumni and parent)

Elizabeth Moraw (Secretary) ( HS)

Brian Field (WOPS Administrator)

Todd Tulgestke (WOPS Administrator) 

Seeking parent representatives from:

  • Lakewood
  • Lakeshore
  • Woodside
  • North Holland
  • Sheldon Woods
  • Mac Bay

Cathy Lebster (HL, HS)

Kara Nasif (HS)

Tom Finkbiner (PC)

Candi Schneider (GL, HL)

Jordan Vanderham (WO Alumni)

Taylor Pratt (WO Alumni)